Social Prospecting

Identify high value prospects via social media.

Directly engage to create high value opportunities for your business.

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Our Social Prospecting campaigns allow you to generate leads for your sales team by engaging directly with your target market via the LinkedIn platform.  Our campaigns are fully customised and allow you to split test approaches to different segments of your market to ensure a best fit solution.

To set up a Social Prospecting campaign can take from 1-3 weeks.  During this time we enhance your LinkedIn presence to prepare for engagement with your target market, we individually identify and approve each of your prospects and we design your campaign structure to ensure maximum engagement.  We also create all supporting documentation and decide on a reporting schedule.

Your account manager will work closely with you during the set up process.  An example of which is shown below.


Promote webinars and seminars by contacting key prospects within your industry.


Increasing registration and attendance to events and trade shows.


Increase download volumes for your E-books, whitepapers and e-courses.


Generating high quality sales apportionments with key prospects.

Analysis of market and proposition

Review of Social Prospecting questionnaire to build a clear picture of proposition and business developments objectives.

Linkedin profile enhancement

Professional LinkedIn profile enhancement to ensure a concise networking statement and business proposition summarised in a professional context.

Design of message templates

Design of messages to be used throughout the campaign.

Design of Linkedin engagement

Designing the strategy within LinkedIn to ensure our reach into desired target market.

Prospect list creation and cleaning

List of prospects identified within LinkedIn provided to client and reviewed in detail to ensure targeting accuracy.

Reporting framework agreed

Report dates and review calls agreed and calendar invites set up.

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