SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Make your website easy for both users and search engine algorithms to understand.

Increase website visibility for natural search results.

Make sure your customers can find you

Natural search results are the bedrock of web based customer generation.

Our London team offer a fixed cost SEO module designed to super charge your natural search traffic on a cost effective and immediate basis.

Once we understand your product, service and your target customer profile we will review the search terms your customers are currently using and build a list of priority keywords for inclusion across your site.

We then remotely install the correct SEO Plugin for your website and configure for immediate search engine performance uplift.  Each page will be meta-tagged, headed, URL optimised, image tagged and content keywords will be added where needed.   We also include location specific page optimisation to boost local page rank as required.

This simple SEO module pays for itself many times over and combines well with our Social Integration module.


It’s important to ensure you have optimised each page for your services and/ or products.

Meta Tags

Meta tags were originally intended to provide a proxy for information about a website’s content.

URL Structures

Great value from a search perspective. They appear in multiple important locations.


Google can’t see images so it’s essential they optimised and tagged in the right way.

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