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Activating your virtual secretary involves nothing more than a short phone call.  It’;s quick and easy but we understand you might have a few questions beforehand.

Please see our frequently asked questions below and don’t hesitate to call us on 01159 054 470 to discuss any further questions.

How does the Innocent Virtual Secretary service work?

All business clients are allocated a unique business phone number upon service activation.

You can advertise the number directly on your website or continue to use your own number and simply divert calls to the new number.

When your calls reach our office your personalised answer script will flash up on our telephonist’s screen, enabling them to answer the phone in your company name and capture the information you require as your very own Virtual Secretary.

Messages are sent immediately to your designated email address and SMS if required.

Is there any minimum call usage/service requirement?


No calls, no call charges.

What if my business doesn’t have a phone number yet?

No number?  No problem.

We can provide you with a telephone number to use as your own. We have a huge selection of freephone (0800) numbers, non-geo (0845) numbers and specific area code numbers.

You have the option at any point to take ownership of the number should you wish to, meaning you can divert the calls to your own office or mobile.

You number will be live within 60 minutes, ready to be used on your website and business cards.

As soon as the number is live our professional team will be ready to answer calls with your personalised company script.

How and when do I divert my calls to my Virtual Secretary?

This is a simple 60 second process that involves typing numbers into your phone to activate call divert.  The process varies slightly between landline and mobile operators so you’ll need to check with your service provider.  Here are some common examples:

O2 Call Divert

Vodafone Call Divert

EE Call Divert

If you then need assistance diverting your calls, your Account Manager will be able to talk you through it.

We recommend diverting all calls when you’re on holiday, in a meeting or have finished work for the day. You can also set your phones to divert calls after a certain number of rings and/or when your line is busy, ensuring you never, ever miss a call.

If you advertise more than one number, simply divert all of your numbers to Innocent Virtual Secretary. There is no limit to the number of calls we can take simultaneously for you.

How do I get my messages?

Our telephonists normally deliver messages by text and email which are sent as soon as the call terminates. As part of the service we can also forward calls through to you, tell you who’s on the line, and then you can choose whether to take the call or whether you would like us to take a message.

We provide a professional Virtual PA Service at a fraction of the cost of employing your own staff.

Is there any small print?

Term of Service

View our terms here.



All prices exclude VAT.



We will notify you in the event of payment failure or non-payment.

In the event of continued non-payment, we will suspend your service after 14 days.

What are your hours of service?

Our professional Nottingham based team operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning your customer calls will never, ever be missed.

Where is my Innocent Virtual Secretary based?

Our professional team are based in Nottingham City Centre, in the heart of England and all of your calls will be answered here. We never outsource to off shore Call Centres ensuring great attitudes and great service, all the time.

What is the notice period?

Our clients use our Virtual Secretary service because of the great staff and the affordable price.

We never lock our clients into long contracts and we don’t expect any more than a 3 month commitment to the service.  Based on a £25/month this equates to £75 which is paid on activation.  This ensures we cover the cost of setting up your service.

After your initial 3 month term you may provide 30 days notice of cancellation at any time, either by email or phone.

If I no longer need the Answering Service, can I keep my number?

No problem. If we have supplied you with a virtual number i.e. 0800, 0844 0845, 087 or a geographical landline. We simply cancel the service and transfer the number to our numbers platform. You can retain ownership of your number and route it to any UK landline number you wish. Unfortunately, DDI numbers cannot be transferred in the event of cancellation.

Do you offer a referral scheme?

We certainly do!

If you have a business associate that would benefit from our Virtual Secretary Services then why not take advantage of our generous Referral Scheme. It’s fairly simple.  Send us a your referral, we’ll get in touch and upon activation of the service we’ll send you a case of beer.

How do I sign up?

It could not be simpler to sign up to Innocent Virtual Secretary services.

The registration process takes a few minutes and we’ll be answering your calls later today.

Call us now on 01159 054 470 and we’ll set you up straight away.

Click here to sign up online!

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