Ad Rotation

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Repeat until winning

Define, refine, drink wine


Strategic Ad optimisation is brilliant. Nailing your Ad text strategy is one of the of the best ways to maintain a competitive cost per click.

Great Ads mean a great click through rate and everybody knows a great click through rate means a lower cost per click.  A lower cost per click means a better return on Ad spend and a great ROI is often the fastest route to a happy finance manager.

To keep your P&L looking black and shiny, Innocent will manage your Ads like clockwork.  We lock in the benefits of continuous Ad optimisation by building a large and varied selection of text Ads, then we carefully measure the performance of each and refine down to a potent selection of superstar Ads.

Ads are auto-scheduled to maintain a varied presence then configured to prioritise the best performing ad-copy at any given time.

Our systems make this look easy but it takes skill, experience time and expertise.  It is just another reason why we should be managing your PPC lead generation activity right now.

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