Negative Keywords

Filter out the budget killers

Positively Negative


Never underestimate the value of negative keywords.

Always exclude the kind of terms that identify a non-customer.  Words like “complaint” or “jobs” are an obvious indication your ad-spend may be wasted if not filtered out.  Negative keyword listings are a great way to weed out erroneous traffic and improve ROI.

A well managed negative keyword list has the effect of (a) reducing wastage via the reduction of expensive unwanted clicks, and (b) improving CTR due to better ad relevance.

Greater CTR reduces required CPC (via a complicated algorithym) and improves ad-positioning as a result.

Greater ad-positioning has a direct effect on post click conversion and the related profitability of ad-traffic. This all means negative keywords can single handedly make or break a campaign.

Don’t ever leave them out!

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