Keyword List Building

Build your list.  Build it again. Then build it again.



Build your list.  Build it again.  Then Build it again.


Keyword list management is by far the most important part of an effective Paid Search strategy.

Cobbling a few relevant terms together and hoping for the best is not okay.  Every term must be product relevant and human-tested for dual meaning.  Terms like “Amazon Clothing” or “Mobile” are a fast track to wastage and can quickly compromise budgets.

Go big.  There are tens of thousands of search terms that users could enter in pursuit of a product or service just like yours.  The obvious ones will tend to work out more expensive so it is important to spend a few days building a significant and expansive list using the online tools available.

Always ensure a good mix of Exact Match and Broad Match terms since these will cover different scenarios.  Exact Match keywords are great to rank against high volume (and often more expensive keywords) while Broad Match enables ads against similar keywords, close phrases and misspellings.  These lower volume keywords are often referred to as long tail search terms since they represent the long tail of the keyword volume graph.

Invest in your keywords and they will serve you well.

Think Big

Common keywords are expensive.  Using small lists of common keywords can be disastrous, often driving a low volume of poor performing traffic – at a sky high cost.

We build big lists.  We focus on highly targeted specific keywords that deliver better performance and lower cost.

Device management is key

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