IP Exclusions

Competitors clicking your ads?

IP Exclusions


Are you concerned that competitors are clicking your Ads to increase your ad-spend.  It might be immoral but we have proven time and time again it happens.

Innocent Digital operates a powerful IP analytics engine capable of isolating every instance of duplicate user IP address and determining post click performance for each.

Repeatedly logged IP addresses are automatically fed back into the campaign configuration as an IP exclusion list and ads immediately cease to be visible to those users.

ISPs often provided users with dynamic (changing) IP addresses meaning campaign IP exclusions must be refreshed daily or weekly to be truly effective in reducing wastage.

A well managed IP exclusions file offers an immediate and significant improvement to campaign ROI by reducing spend wastage.

Safeguard your campaigns

We’ll exclude any repeat IP addresses to eliminate budget wastage on repeat clicks.

Weekly Refresh

IP exclusion lists are refreshed weekly to ensure block lists are constantly up to date.

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