Dynamic Display Ads

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Dynamic Display Ads


Ever been presented with an Ad for the product you happen to be reading about?  Or a service you happen to be reading an email about? Integrating text based dynamic display ads into your campaign enables ad-text to respond ‘dynamically’ to  active page text within 3rd party sites.  The Gmail interface is a great example… the surrounding ads often closely resemble the text within a users current or recent emails. Dynamic display ads increase Ad effectiveness and reduce cost.  A must have for any established PPC campaign.


Specific keyword lists must be generated, maintained and optimised. Dynamic keyword combinations must be within ad format character limits (i.e. max 35 chars)

Display ad traffic does not perform as well as search traffic for a number of reasons.

Super Low CPC

Dynamic display Ads can reduce cost by 50% or more compared to search ads.


Display Ad inventory is an almost limitless advertising environment.

Many more internet users are viewing content related to your product than are currently searching for your product.

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