Demographic Targeting

Analyse and optimise ad-spend to target specific customer types

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Location

Demographic Targeting


Depending on your product or service, lead conversion rates can differ greatly across the broad spectrum of customer profiles.

If you want to sell sewing machines to middle aged women in East Dulwich on weekends after 6pm, sure, we can do that.  But we’d probably suggest targeting by interest too, after all why waste marketing budget on middle aged women in Dulwich after 6pm if they aren’t interested in Sewing?

To ensure continuous focus on the best traffic, Innocent PPC lead-gen can be targeted by age, gender, interests, location, and many other demographic parameters.

Accurately targeting Ads against the right customer profiles increases relevance per impression, resulting in higher Ad conversion rates and more traffic at a lower cost per click.

Highly optimised targeting also enables advertisers to perfect the lead profile arriving on site.  Leads can be refined over time to reflect the highest converting demographic segments available.


Not all advertising platforms provide full demographic targeting.

Google, Bing, Linkedin and Facebook provide varying (excellent) demographic capabilities.

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