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Instant targeted traffic.

High return on your investment.

High volume customer traffic delivered to your website.

Innocent Digital will run your PPC campaigns like clockwork.

It takes years to master Paid Search.  You can expect your campaign live in two weeks, including any or all of the specialist PPC modules below.  Each module when implemented correctly delivers immediate and measurable improvement to performance.

Integrating all 12 service modules makes for exceptional results.


Phenomenal strategy built from experience, intelligence and deep knowledge of best practice.


Paid search Lead Generation is highly specialised. Never ask a plumber to build you a watch.


In house Lead Generation is difficult and expensive without dedicated infrastructure. We have a system for everything.


All roads lead to Rome. Whichever path you choose, great PPC always boils down to intelligent use of data.

Your campaign live in 10 days

Starting a Lead Gen campaign with Innocent Digital is simple and easy.  There are just a few steps to get you running and these are outlined below.

1 - Getting In Touch

The first thing to do is let us know who you are.

Contact us with your name and business details.

We will be straight back in touch with a few basic questions about your business, we can do this over the phone, Skype or via email. We need to know what you do and how you do it.  Then we can start to formulate a Lead Gen program for your product or service.

2 - We send you a Campaign Template

Once we understand your businesses products, services and Lead Gen requirements we will send you a proposed campaign template document outlining what we would expect to do for you.

This is a templated proposal that outlines the plan for your campaign.  It details what we expect to include, exclude or tweak from the many campaign management services available.

We don’t charge anything to send you a campaign template and every proposal includes a breakdown of pricing.

3 - Give us a Green Light

Once you have a clear idea what the proposed Lead Gen program looks like (and costs), the ball is in your court.

You can ask us to change the plan, we can simplify things or make it more comprehensive depending on your budget.

You can tell us you want to start slowly and ramp up or you can tell us you never want to hear from us again.

Once you are happy to proceed you’ll need to let us know.

4 - We Set Your Campaign Up

Once we have a green light we’ll get started. Depending on campaign size and complexity it usually takes about a week to set up a new campaign.  During this time we will:

  • Send you an invoice for Setup and Month 1 Ad spend.
  • Configure keywords, profiling, targeting, exclusions, ad text, geo-settings and more.
  • Send you any required tracking tags to add to your site.
  • Provide primary keywords for landing page inclusion.
  • Test your landing pages.

We will do everything except activate the campaign.

5 - Go Live

Once the campaign is set up the final step is to agree a go live date to switch on your lead gen traffic.

A quick call makes sense at this stage then we’ll flick the switch at a date and time that suits your business.

It is always best to start slow and keep a close eye on the stats. We won’t rush to spend your budget. We will carefully ensure your ad spend is metered in the best possible way.

6 - Ongoing Managaement

It is important to optimise campaigns daily during the first few weeks of delivery. We’ve got this covered.

Once performance and traffic are stabilised we usually move to a weekly maintenance and optimisation routine.  At no point do we ever leave a campaign longer than a week without using the latest data to figure out what can be improved and taking relevant action.  Moving forwards we are always available.

We are here to give you guidance and strategic advice on how to diversify and expand your digital sales and where possible we will offer you additional services and support on other projects you might embark on.

Our 12 PPC Service Modules

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