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Step 1: Authorise Billing Agreement

Step 1

Authorise your Billing Agreement

Your bill varies each month depending on the volume of calls we handle on your behalf.

You must enable variable monthly billing via PayPal authorised automatic payments.

Innocent V-Sec - Basic Tariff
Authorise Billing
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Understand your billing agreement

Innocent Digital use an automated merchant billing service provided by PayPal.

Your monthly invoice includes two elements:

Service Fees:

Service Activation £50.00 One Off Added to first invoice
Monthly Tariff £25.00 Monthly Advance
Cost per call £1.00 Monthly Arrears

Monthly tariff and call charges are billed as a single automated payment.

To activate the service we require you to enable automatic billing up to £250.00 per month.  This does not reflect expected service fees but it means we are authorised to request payment up to this limit.  Once your service is live we will contact you if your activity is not covered by your billing authorisation level.

Step 2: Business Details and Service Preferences

Step 2

Business Details & Service Preferences

As a registered service provider we need to know your business details and contact information.

We also need to know a little about how you would like us to handle the calls we receive on your behalf.

Webform built by PODIO — Project and CRM Software that works like you.

Billing Examples

Billing examples