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Our History


Our Birth

In the beginning there was a simple need to do paid search better.

We watched the sophistication of ad-serving platforms slingshot past the technical capabilities of the agencies using them and we watched this continue unchallenged for years.  Extreme wastage is now visible in 9/10 marketing health checks.

It is no longer enough to sound like you know what you are talking about.  Delivering verbatim ad campaigns based on classroom theory is inexcusable in an age when ROI is determinable in an instant.

That is our market.


One Year Later

Closing the feedback loop used to be a nice-to-have.  Today every click must be performance managed, the time/date, the search term, the keyword, the cost, the ad-position, the CTR, the post click conversion rate. Everything. Every nugget of meta-data must be harvested and fed directly back into a real-time optimisation engine.

That is what we do.


Skills are Nothing Without Tools

Campaign managers must have a deep understanding of technical data management.  But this is only half the story, Leonardo didn’t paint the Mona Lisa with a paint roller and the last dentist to use a jack-hammer is in custody.  Without the right tools for the job even the most skilled professionals are useless.

Your campaign will be managed by a technology black belt using the most advanced ad management systems and techniques on the planet.


Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

2013 was a great year at Innocent Digital.  Business became profitable as we added a handful of great clients to our books.

We now deliver high volume customer traffic into Financial, Travel, Legal, Automotive, Tradesman and Telephony service environments for our growing list of clients.


Three years later

And then things really got started.

Watch this space for a host of updates.

We are expecting a massive 2014.

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