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Performance Manage Every Click

Online customer generation must be continually optimised to improve the performance of your leads.  It is important to analyse the performance of every click generated.

To support this process all Innocent lead-gen programmes come fully loaded with three flavours of tracking.

Tracking can either be installed as part of a PPC campaign management service (as standard) or separately on request.

Google Analytics Tracking Tags

We will install site-wide tracking tags to monitor user behaviour, specific page views, click journeys and visit duration for every customer visiting your website.

With the right data we can answer the important questions.

  • Where are customers clicking and why?
  • Which pages do customers arrive at?
  • Which pages are performing well?
  • Which pages are the most common exit points?


Re-Marketing Tracking Tags

Installed site-wide, these feed back to the ad-platform enabling Innocent Digital to track every site visitor and enables users to be re-targeted elsewhere on the internet.

Depending on your product breakdown it is possible multiple re-marketing tags will be used.  In larger scale campaigns or diverse product ranges it often makes sense to assign one per product.

Goal Conversion Tracking Tags

Conversion tracking tags are installed at specific success points in your site, often via the ‘Thank You’ page or similar.

Every PPC conversion is tracked and success metrics are fed directly back into your campaign configuration.  This is how we optimise every campaign and prioritise the right traffic every hour of every day.

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